Alphabetical Word Building 04

Alphabetical Word Building 04

Alphabetical Word Building 04
Alphabetical Word Building 04


General Rules of Pronunciation


(1)When ‘C’ is followed by A,O,U,K & T, it is  pronounced as ‘K’ and
When ‘C’ is preceded by a vowel it is pronounced as ‘K’
Example:A –Cat, Can, Camera, Cater, Cattle, Cake
O –Cock, Cot, Collect, Coke, Colon, Coach, Could, Count, Coat, Concern
U –Cut, Custom, Cure, Culture, Custody, Customer
K –Cock, Back, Sack, Rack, Crockery
T –Act ,Action, Fact, Pact, Practice, Duct
(2)When word begins with ‘C’ and is followed by ‘E’, ‘I’, ‘Y’, it is pronounced as ‘S’
Example:E –Rice, Mice, Piece, Peace, Dice, Practice, Grocer, Celebrate
I –Circle, Cinema, Citizen, Fascinate, Circus, Criticism,
Y –Cycle, Cyclist, Cyclone, Cyst, Cyanide
(3)When ‘C’ is followed by ‘IA’ or ‘EA’, it is pronounced as   ‘SH’
Example:IA –Social, Special, Specialty, Crucial, Financial
EA –Ocean, Panacea,


(1)When  a word ends with ‘GE’ or ‘GE’ is a part of a word, it   is pronounced  as ‘J’  and others ‘G’
Example:GE –Cage, Coinage, Cottage, Page, Wage, Merger, Mortgage, Religion, Lodge, Ginger, Germ,  Pigeon etc. (pronounced as ‘J’)
GE –Finger, Give, God, Ground, Singer etc. (pronounced as ‘G’)
Note: There are many exceptions to this rule.


(1)When the  word  ends  with g, ge, gg,oe, ie ,ee and y, ‘s’  is  pronounced  as  ‘z’
Example:Songs, Eggs , Rupees, Boys,  Rays,  Toys  Heroes, Worries, Sees
(2)When a word  ends with e, f, p,  pe, te, it  is pronounced as ‘s’
Example:Craps, Roofs, Proofs, Traps, Helps, Crops, Hopes, Pipes, Slopes, Kites, Shops, Jokes etc.
(3)When a word with ‘s’ and ‘ss’ is followed by IA, ION, it is pronounced as ‘SH’
Example:Asian, Persian, Pension, Profession, Session, Mansion, Mission, Passion


(1)When ‘T’ is followed by ia, ie, io, it is pronounced as ‘sh’
Example:Patient, Nation, Motion, Ration, Creation, Mention
(2)When ‘S’ is followed by ‘TION’, ‘TIAN’ or ‘TURE’, it is pronounced as ‘CH’
Example:Christian, Question, Vulture, Culture, Future
(3)When ‘T’ is  followed  by ‘H’ then it is pronounced as “TH” / “DH”
Example:TH –Thirteen, Throw, Thrive , Three
DH –This
TH –That, Then ,There, Than


In following words Consonants remains Silent
Example:B –Doubt
L –Chalk, Talk, Walk, Palm, Calm
K –Know, Knowledge, Knife, Knight
GH –Right, Light, Plight, Flight
N –Column, Autumn, Solemn
P –Psychology, Pneumonia, Pneumatic